House 2 House's Mission

House 2 House is an organization created by Human Rights Festival; dedicated to our ongoing commitment to humanitarian efforts in Puerto Rico.


Installing Water Filtration System

Installing Water Filtration System

Aide Team

Since October 6, 2017, Human Rights Festival has had boots on the ground in Puerto Rico. Amongst serving tirelessly in other crisis's our aide team has designed and installed 19 water filtration systems that now serve whole communities in municipalities across a vast landscape in Puerto Rico. These stream fed, rain collective and municipality fed water systems will continue to serve millions of gallons of clean water, to the people of Puerto Rico, for many years to come. In addition to serving millions of gallons of clean water, these filtration systems will keep millions of pounds of plastic from accumulating in landfills and will greatly reduce the impact of plastic on the environment. 

Working with church 2 church

House2House has partnered with Church2Church in order to bring Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa to the people of Puerto Rico.  A Nationwide effort between House2House and Church2Church will connect stateside communities with sister communities in Puerto Rico.  House2House and Church2Church is dedicated to bringing light and hope to our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.



American Black Cross

The American Black Cross unites concerned individuals from diverse backgrounds behind the common goal of helping those in need by serving as a responsible alternative to corporate-style charitable organizations through committing to place the highest possible percentage of donations received directly into the hands of the people who most need them.

Human Rights Festival is pleased to be partnering with American Black Cross, who have already donating 180,000 pounds of goods to the people of Puerto Rico.  With the House 2 House program we hope to donate millions more to the people of Puerto Rico in celebration of the holidays.