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We Unite Organizations, Inc., the planning organization of the Human Rights Festival, was founded to do just as the name proclaims. It is our greatest honor to celebrate your organization's enormous dedication to the citizen activist and the hard-fought victories which you have won. A day of celebration and activism on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., followed by a summit meeting of participating organization leaders, will bring together people and groups from across the country who fight each day for our democratic values. We will collaborate and grow stronger as we emerge with ONE VOICE and ONE MESSAGE.

- Lauren Piraino and Sarah Makowicki, Co-founders, We Unite Organizations, Inc.

Why You Should Attend

Day 1 – Citizen Activists:  Join a day of celebration and connect with organizations and individuals focused on human rights/progressive causes and resistance efforts. Together we will speak out against destructive policies that threaten our basic human rights.

You are a citizen activist who is fighting daily for our democratic values. You may be a member of one or more organizations that is working to make our country a better, kinder, fairer place to live.  Collectively, with millions of others, you have been working to protect civil and human rights, to promote racial equality, women’s rights, workers' rights, immigration rights, and LGBT rights.  You believe in the sciences and the need to protect the environment.  You want good healthcare for all and care about the poor, the elderly, and the disenfranchised.  

At THE HUMAN RIGHTS FESTIVAL we will honor your efforts with a day of festivity and activism as we work together to create bonds and shared goals between national and local organizations.  Let’s come together to unify our efforts, create communications channels, and enhance effective messaging.

Let’s begin to unite the hundreds of organizations and millions of citizen activists who work toward common goals.

Join us in our mission of bold progressive change!

THE FESTIVAL – what to expect

A dynamic, fun-filled, family-oriented, entertaining, all-day celebration of the beautiful diversity of our nation.  

The day’s happenings will include:

  • Speakers from your favorite human rights and progressive organizations
  • World-class musicians playing music to commemorate a truly patriotic and quintessentially American day
  • Information booths and tents sponsored by large and small organizations, meetings with organization leaders
  • An unprecedented number of citizen activists (meet, mingle, network!)
  • Special activities for kids
  • Human rights rally