From the Founders of THE Human Rights Festival

We Unite Organizations, Inc. was born out of a burning desire to enact change in polarizing politics and to unite people and causes that its two founders, Lauren Piraino and Sarah Makowicki, believe are all rooted in the betterment, sustainability, and equality of all humankind. 

We love our country and believe we have found a decisive course of action that will promote and protect our democracy, the beauty and diversity of the American people, and return the power to the people where it belongs.

We celebrate the dedication of non-profit organizations, their members, and the unprecedented number of citizen activists who have tirelessly fought for our values and ideology. We show that gratitude and appreciation by launching a first-of-its-kind Human Rights Festival in Washington, D.C., on the National Mall, Spring 2018. The festival will be an all-day family-friendly celebration that includes an array of artists and performers, dynamic speakers, children's activities and world-class musicians who are a direct reflection of the diversity that makes up our truly unique nation. The event will take place in the heart of our capital, the reflective home of our precious Bill of Rights and its guarantee of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It is our intention that this day of celebration will create the platform for unilateral messaging between organizations, large and small. Its purpose is to finally unite citizen activists, organizations and their members to create one front in the battle of our lifetimes.

With the use of innovative technology that allows organizations to retain control of their causes' anonymity and exclusive rights to their membership, it is the mission of We Unite Organizations, Inc. to eliminate confusion and make real-time action initiatives tangible in every town, city, county, and state of our great nation at any given moment in time. This initiative will build a Human Rights infrastructure that can mold policy, change policy, and give voice to the underrepresented values we seek to uphold and expand. We firmly believe this joint effort can create a shift in the dynamics of power and will determine a course for our government that reflects the true essence of democracy: a government FOR the people BY ALL of the people. 

Lauren Piraino, President, We Unite Organizations, Inc.
Sarah Makowicki, Vice President, We Unite Organizations, Inc.


Lauren Piraino, President and co-founder of We Unite Organizations, Inc.,  is also the Chief Executive Officer of F.R.I.E.N.D. Security Systems LLC and is an entrepreneur, inventor, wearable emergency apparatus designer, aspiring writer, activist and proud mother to a (rambunctious, curious and highly intelligent) seven-year-old son. 

Sarah Makowicki, Vice President and co-founder, of We Unite Organizations, Inc., has dedicated her life to children. She is an adept organizer and administrator. Although fairly new to working in the field of activism, she has always been an avid supporter of equality and human rights. She has always dreamed of working for a nonprofit. Sarah has cherished her time as a private nanny that specializes in infant and special needs care but is thrilled to be co-creating a new and exciting dynamic in citizen activism.